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For lack of a more creative way to introduce myself, my name is Ceily Rae Highberger.

I am from a beautiful place called Red Lodge Montana; I have two amazing parents, Tom and Denise, and an older brother/best friend, Buck. I graduated from Montana State University Bozeman with a degree in Agricultural Relations and a minor in Animal Science. I have worked in the Ranching Industry all over the Western United States including Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Idaho, California, Utah and Nevada.

What really gets me pumped is being outdoors, working with horses and livestock, having good friends, and experiencing as much as I can, wherever I can!

My work is self explanatory, photography and artwork is what I love and my photos and artistic products are of what I love to do. This site is part of my journey to figure out what type of photographer and entrepreneur I am using the resources I have available and fitting it in with the lifestyle that I love.

What I really want is for you, the reader and internet explorer, to form your own opinion on my work, relate with what I have to share, and find a product that you absolutely love. I hope that you enjoy my adventures as much as I do because honestly, these photographs, designs, blog posts, and products are my personal bio and mission statement!

Ceily Rae Highberger

Ceily Rae Highberger

Photo Credit: Selfie For Sure

Contact Me:

e: ceilyrae1@gmail.com

p: (307) 202-2747

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